Burnsville Jeep Wrangler JK HEMI Ram Engine Conversion

Weight:200.0 lbs
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Base Price: $6,300.00
Customized Price: $6,300.00

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2012, Add $1,600.00
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5.7L VVT Ram Truck Engine
6.4L / 392 VVT Ram Truck Engine

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Burnsville Jeep JK Ram HEMI Engine Conversion

The Burnsville HEMI Ram engine conversion kit will allow you to replace your 2007-2012 Jeep Wrangler JK's 3.8L or 3.6L Pentastar V6 with a 5.7L VVT or 6.4L VVT HEMI truck engine. The Burnsville Off-Road or BOR kit comes with everything you will need to make your 5.7 or 6.4 engine swap a reality(Excluding donor engine). Imagine your Jeep with all the power and torque that a large displacement HEMI can provide. The conversion allows you to keep all of your Jeep's factory amenities– A/C, power steering, cruise control, ABS, and every thing else you like about your modern Jeep is retained. Furthermore, the system includes a top-of-the-line cooling system to prevent overheating, which can sometimes occur with lesser engine conversions. At Arrington Performance, we use Burnsville Jeep conversion kits on our in-house HEMI Jeep builds, because they offer the most complete on the market and they allow for us to easily drop any of our Arrington Perfromance motors into a JK.

Engine Programming

This is where it all began. In 2006 BOR made a breakthrough in HEMI JK programming, and for a full 2 years we had the only HEMI JK engine programs. Due to our commitment to provide the highest quality programming we have made sure that all factory functionality is retained once your HEMI is installed into your Wrangler.

All systems remain functional including cruise control, ABS, ESP, gauges, airbags, and remote start. Absolutely nothing is lost in the conversion process. Additionally, no troublesome check engine lights will come on and all emission systems are retained. Burnsville Offroad engine programs are all specific to each type of HEMI engine. Grand Cherokee engines use factory Jeep Grand Cherokee programs, truck HEMI engines use factory Ram truck engine programming, and so forth. All programs are adapted to the JK to make a seamless install that is factory perfect. That’s one reason why Mopar has used BOR to build several HEMI equipped Jeeps. And they have more on the way.

Engine Choices

Nowhere else will you find a wider selection of possible HEMI engine choices. We are able to install all Gen. 3 HEMI engines in a JK (5.7, 6.1, 6.4, 7.0, 5.7 VVT, 6.4 VVT, 6.7 VVT, 7.0 VVT). BOR is the only company that offers a kit to preserve all functionality of the 2009 and newer 5.7 VVT truck motors.

If you are in the market for a stroker motor, or even a supercharged stroker motor with ported heads, or an aftermarket camshaft, this kit will give you the perfect fit. Just imagine driving around with 700 horsepower under the hood, something very few JK Owners will ever experience.

We consider the 5.7 VVT Truck conversion to represent the best value for the money. The engine driven cooling fan coupled with the 12 inch SPAL pusher fan will never run hot, even at altitude or in the desert. The truck motors also have more horsepower and torque than the Grand Cherokee 5.7L. There are no compromises with a Burnsville Off-road HEMI Kit. Your ECM will be perfect for your motor as we use all factory programs flashed with OEM equipment. Our stainless exhaust can be used with any aftermarket lift there is.

Transmission Options

Burnsville believes in giving the customer options, not only in motor choices but also in transmissions. This is why they have spent a great deal of time developing and programming kits that allow you to choose either a 5 speed automatic or a 6 speed manual transmission.

High Quality Components

Conversions are assembled with only top quality parts. Around 90% of the components in the conversion are from Mopar. The other 10 percent are built by established companies. The battery tray, air box, motor mounts, transmission mount, fan shroud are all manufactured by Nemesis Industries, the radiator is built by Griffin, and the computer programming is all completed in house by Burnsville. Burnsville is in constant communication with all of the manufactures who supply parts for the kit to ensure that you get the best parts for your conversion.

The battery tray, air box, throttle body adapters, fan shroud for truck motors, motor mounts and transmission mount are all designed using the latest in CAD design technology, the motor mounts and transmission mount are made of high quality laser cut steel, formed on a CNC press brake and expertly assembled by certified welders. The battery tray, air box, throttle body adapters, and fan shroud are made from high quality aluminum cut on a Waterjet, then once again formed on a CNC press brake to ensure accuracy then assembled by certified TIG welders. Burnsville harnesses are built by trained professionals and computer tested before shipment for functionality. All of the components used in the conversion are brand new.

Stainless Steel Exhaust System

To match your choice of motor we will design and build the perfect exhaust. We can take into consideration extended range fuel tanks, skid plates, desired tone, and legal requirements for your state to ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied with the conversion. For California customers we will only use CARB approved catalytic converters. All exhaust systems are built using mandrel bent stainless steel tubing, with high quality catalytic converters and muffler. Only OEM oxygen sensors are used to ensure no unwanted check engine lights. NOTE: factory 3.8L exhaust components are not reused.

Compatible With Any Ride Height

Most customers are not fond of the idea of having to lift or re-lift their Jeep to do a HEMI conversion; to eliminate the need adjust your Jeep's ride height to accommodate the new engine, Burnsville has developed a remote mount oil filter kit. Not only does this kit allow you to run with little or no lift, but it also increases oil capacity and improves access to the filter for easy oil changes. We use only reusable aluminum fittings with like sized hoses–that way should you ever rupture a hose it is easily repaired at minimal cost. Both the remote filter adapter and the remote oil filter mount are made of billet aluminum, black anodized, and have 1/2" NPT ports which are plenty large enough to keep even the largest HEMI engines well lubricated.

All Suspension Systems can be accommodated long arm, short arm, mid arm, Teraflex to Old Man Emu we have never had a suspension system not be compatible with the BOR conversion. Even if you have a custom reverse triangulated 4 link, Arrington Performance can make your HEMI engine conversion a reality.

No Cooling Issues

Cooling issues are one of the single greatest complaints about poorly built HEMI conversions; however, BOR has taken multiple steps to ensure that this is never a problem with a Burnsville engine swap kit. To better understand why some vehicles have cooling issues, you need to think of air passing through a radiator like water running in a river, it will always take the path of least resistance. You not only need to focus the air through the radiator, but also need to allow it to pass easily out the back side. In order to maintain this “free flow” of air, BOR positions the motor 1” further back and lower than its competitors. Careful consideration is taken when removing the front core from the vehicle to ensure that the factory air dams remain intact, and are reused with the new radiator. These dams keep the air focused through the radiator to allow maximum cooling potential. In addition to maintaining proper air flow Burnsville has an exclusive radiator built by Griffin that contains the most efficient core on the market. This radiator cools around 30 percent more effectively than the competition's products.

If you plan on operating your Jeep in extreme temperatures or altitudes we have two additional heavy duty cooling options. BOR truck motor conversions utilize the factory Dodge truck engine driven fan. A mechanical fan will always pull more air through the radiator than an electric fan of comparable size. Also, we can mount a 12 inch 2,500 CFM Spal pusher style fan on the front side of the radiator to help move air in low speed conditions. These two options combined will allow you to operate your HEMI powered Jeep in some of the harshest environments. Please note: the pusher fan can be added to any existing conversion.

Turnaround Time

A typical HEMI install will take 2-3 weeks, if you choose to have your install performed by Arrington Performance. We use this time to not only complete the conversion but to also have adequate time with the vehicle for testing. After a conversion is completed we test drive the Jeep to ensure the conversion is at peak performance, this not only includes the motor but also all interior functions as well i.e. cruise control, heated seats, A/C, power outlet, everything is checked for proper operation. Our testing phase will take your Jeep through stop and go traffic, highway driving, and dirt roads. We do this to literally shake out any loose wires or hoses that could cause you issues after the vehicle is returned. Along with looking for issues related to the conversion we also look for any other issues that the vehicle may have so we can provide recommendations so you can get them fixed.

Attention To Detail

By buying a BOR kit you are getting unparalleled attention to detail to each conversion component. All welding is done by certified experts. If you have your conversion done by Arrington Performance, every engine swap goes through a checklist while being completed. Wire harness and hose routing is carefully done with everything properly tied in place. Any components that are close to a heat source are wrapped with protective shielding. All finished HEMI conversions are driven for a minimum of 100 miles to ensure no problems.

Customer Service

BOR has the best customer service in the industry. All questions or problems are handled quickly and immediately, day, night or even on weekends. If you are oversees we can work with you though e-mail or arrange times to speak by phone even if it is in the middle of the night. BOR offers a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty that provides additional peace of mind. If you are spending more than $20,000 on an upgrade to your Jeep, don’t you want to make sure you will be taken care of? Check around on the web and you will see that BOR is the most trusted maker of HEMI conversion kits for the Jeep Wrangler JK.

Aftermarket Additions Are Welcome

Many of our competitors believe there is only one way to build a Jeep and that is their way. Ask them if they can build a sealed air box to work with an ARB snorkel kit, the answer will be no. At Arrington Performance we use Burnsville Off-Road kits to make your Jeep, your way. We recognize that we may not be your first stop in the long path to building your perfect Jeep, so we push ourselves to develop solutions for your individual Jeep. Skid plates are no problem, along with extended range fuel tanks, larger axles, hydraulic steering assist, custom suspensions, under hood compressors, or whatever else you may have installed. We enjoy a good challenge, so just ask.

CARB Certification – Coming Soon

BOR is currently working through the CARB approval process. At this point they can offer you a great deal of personal experience with having a conversion re-certified for use in California.

  • Burnsville Offroad's Premium Conversion Kits are the finest in the world
  • Automatic or Manual Transmission kits
  • Lowest center of gravity possible on a HEMI Conversion
  • Ram Truck motor kits provide increased horsepower and torque
  • The conversion is compatible with any lift kit at any height
Included Components
  • Heavy duty Griffin aluminum radiator
  • Aluminum fan shroud for engine driven fan, which is designed to provide enough clearance for the 21" factory Ram fan
  • Plug and play wiring harness checked for accuracy
  • Weld in no-measure motor mounts
  • Transmission mount
  • Mandrel bent full stainless exhaust, includes 50 state legal catalytic converter and stainless muffler
  • Aluminum battery tray and airbox(Dual battery tray available for dual Optima batteries)
  • Aluminum coolant reservoir
  • Pre-programmed ECM that is perfect for your motor
  • Custom ECM's are available if you want to add a Magnuson Supercharger, call for details
  • Air conditioning lines
  • Radiator hoses
  • Heavy duty B&M transmission cooler for automatics or power steering cooler for manual transmission kits
  • Aluminum transmission cooler mount
  • Steering shaft relocation bracket
  • K&N air filter
  • Fuel line
  • Installation instructions
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