Manual Transmissions

If your Jeep has a manual transmission, check out these transmission parts. We have high quality bearing retainers, cluster gears, skid plates, gears, transmission rebuild kits, and mounts for your for your Jeep transmission needs. 
Manual Transmission Bearing Retainers
Manual transmission bearing retainers for Jeeps. Replace your worn out bearing with one of these parts. 
Manual Transmission Cluster Gears
Jeep manual transmission cluster gears. ShopJeep4x4 has many hard to find transmission parts for Jeep vehicles. 
Manual Transmission Skid Plates
Don't let a rock along the trail take out your transmission. We offer manual transmission skid plates to protect your Jeep's transmission. 
Manual Transmission Gears
Jeep manual transmission gears. ShopJeep4x4 has many transmission parts for Jeep vehicles. 
Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits
Our Jeep manual transmission rebuild kits come with everything you need to rebuild your Jeep transmission. For those who have the time and skill, rebuilding is a great way to restore your Jeep's transmission to like new condition. 
Manual Transmission Mounts
If you have an unwanted vibration in your Jeeps drive train- inspect your motor and transmission mounts. If needed, replace damaged transmission mounts with one of these high quality parts.