Replacement Lighting

Jeep light bulbs, fog lights, driving lights, H3 bulbs, headlight housings, headlamp assemblies, dome lights, and under hoof lights for your replacement needs. When you have a broken lighting component or a burnt out light bulb on your Jeep, find high quality replacement here. 
Light Bulbs
When a light on your Jeep burns out, shop here for hard to find Jeep replacement bulbs. We carry a number a different bulb types. 
Fog, Driving, & Offroad Light Bulbs
Here you will find replacement lights to replace your burnt out fog, driving, and offroad light bulbs. We have many hard to find bulb types. 
H3 Bulbs
H3 bulbs for your Jeep. We have many hard to find bulb types. 
Head Light Housings
Restore your headlight housings with one of our replacements. We offer housings to fit many popular Jeep vehicles. 
Headlamp Assemblies
Replace a broken or missing headlamp assembly with one of Jeep headlamp assemblies. ShopJeep4x4 has many hard to find assemblies and even ones that are brighter than stock lights. 
Headlamp Replacement Lenses
A cracked or shattered headlamp lens can easily be replaced with one of our high quality replacements. These lenses are sure to improve the look and value of your Jeep. 
Headlight Dimmer Switches
Dimmers sometimes wear out over time. If you have a faulty headlight dimer switch, replace it with one of our replacement products. 
Jeep LED Dome Lights
For the latest in interior lighting we offer LED dome lights. These lights provide excellent light for your interior. 
Dome Light Bulbs
These dome light bulbs will replace your dead bulb. Get a spare to be prepared for the day yours burns out. 
Jeep Under Hood Lights
Make oil changes and repair work easier with under hood lighting. Or use them to show off your new engine parts in the dark.