Keep your Jeep's heater blowing warm air during those cold winter months with our selection of heater parts. Some offerings include Auxiliary Heaters, heater control cables, heater cores, ducts, and switches. 
Auxiliary Heaters
Add an extra heater to your Jeep with an auxiliary heater. You'll be sure to stay warm this winter with one of these auxiliary 12v units. 
Heater Control Cables
Find a replacement heater control cable for your Jeep. We have several high quality replacements. 
Heater Cores
If your system has a lot of corrosion in it you should get a new heater core when you replace your Jeep's radiator. One cause of a poorly running heating system is a stopped up heater core. 
Heaters/Wiper Switch Knobs
These heater knobs and switches are a great substitute for lost or broken controls. We also offer windshield wiper controls. 
Heating Ducts & Hoses
These new heater ducts and hoses are essential for a major heater system restoration. Choose from factory Jeep or quality third party replacements. 
HVAC Heater Control Switches
If a faulty heater control is the cause of your systems glitch, add a new heater control unit. You will be in the comfort of your warm Jeep in no time. 
Jeep Heating Components
Refresh you heating system's components with these heater components. They can be used to replace a defective part or to restore an entire system.